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Wealth of Opportunity

We believe wealth is about a lot more than just money. It’s about all the things that make life rich.

That’s why we’re working to create opportunities for all to enjoy that kind of wealth in their lives.

For us this means helping people have a Healthy Relationship with Money, building Prosperous Communities, and ensuring we are contributing to the bigger picture and a Future Focused Nation.

Some think of it as corporate responsibility. We think of it as good business.

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Healthy Relationship
with Money

Prosperous Communities

Future Focused Nation

Healthy Relationship with Money

No matter who you are, or where you live, having a healthy relationship with money is essential for success.

We’re committed to ensuring that all Australians have the confidence to manage their finances, the support they need in times of hardship, and access to fair, affordable finance.

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Understanding is the key to all good relationships. With money it’s no different. We want to help everyone, no matter what their age or background, understand the basics of money and give them the guidance and advice they need to confidently manage their finances.

Help and guidance We help customers make more informed financial decisions by improving their understanding of the money management and how to deal with common life events.

Financial advice - By giving people access to online tools and face-to-face financial planners, we help customers set and achieve their goals.

Financial capability – Our aim is to improve the financial capabilities of all our customers. That’s why we get involved with initiatives like ASIC’s MoneySmart week and support a network of Indigenous Money Mentors.

Providing the right products – Since 2009 we’ve been working hard to make banking fairer for all Australians. We’re sticking to our promise by removing some unfair fees so that all customers benefit.

Research and advocacy – We’re always challenging our people to look beyond the business. It’s this philosophy that’s led to creating reports like the NAB Charitable Giving Index and the NAB Wellbeing Index.


We know that life can take unexpected turns, and that the causes of financial stress are often well beyond our customers’ control. That’s why we provide tools and support to help those suffering from financial hardship, and work to address the issues that lead to difficulties in the first place.

Customer hardship – More help, more often is our approach to supporting our customers facing hardship. Our trained NAB Care advisors work hard to understand each customer’s unique situation and develop appropriate programs to help.

Mental health – Our commitment to improving the mental health of all Australians starts with our employees and our customers. The MLC Community Foundation’s Grants Program supports community mental health organisations and programs and MLC Rehabilitation Consultants play a key role in helping our customers on their road to recovery and the return to work.


Whether they’ve got a little or a lot, we encourage all of our employees and customers to give what they can - time or money - to create better communities for everyone.

Our people
Everyone who works at NAB has the opportunity to give their time, money, skills and resources to help create a better Australia. Last year our people volunteered over 17,060 days and $1.7 million was contributed to not for profit organisations through workplace giving.

Our customers
We encourage our customers to donate to our partner and customer charities online and in our stores. And, through our wealth services, we offer support to individuals and businesses to plan and implement their own philanthropic goals.


We’re a big company, so we know that how we manage and invest money can have a big impact on the world. That’s why we choose suppliers that share our values and act in ways that are good for society, the community and the environment. It’s also why we take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks whenever we lend and invest money.

Sustainable purchasing – When it comes to our suppliers, we know it’s important to make the right choices. Wherever we can, we work with partners that minimise the environmental impact of our supply chain and deliver benefits to society.

It’s the reason we’re the largest purchaser of Fairtrade products in Australia and it’s why we continue to support small, diverse businesses in our procurement.

Responsible lending We work hard to make sure the people we do business with share our standards. As a signatory to the Equator Principles in 2007, we have committed to a set of standards for determining, assessing and managing social and environmental risk in project financing.

Responsible investment – Our approach to investment considers not only the returns for our business, but also the returns for society, the economy and the environment, in the short and long term. All of our assets are managed according to robust ESG principles.

Prosperous Communities

A prosperous economy starts with prosperous communities and we have a big role to play in helping our communities flourish.

We invest in the organisations and industries that tie communities together. We support the groups that tackle local issues – like education, social inclusion and the environment. And we encourage our people – and their communities – to get involved in their local areas as much as they can.

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Charities and community organisations are key pillars of our society. We see the potential of NFPs to deliver value to our communities as well as the economy, so we’re committed to investing our time, research and money in their success.

Banking for NFPs - We provide first class banking services to our NFP clients, and partner with them to support their goals

Supporting local communities - Through our local sponsorship fund and employee grants program, our retail stores and employees are able to support causes in their immediate community.

Volunteering and giving - We support the community organisations our people support. Everyone at NAB receives a minimum of 16 hours leave each year to volunteer, and we match donations made through Workplace Giving up to the value of $1,200 a year.

Research and insights - The NAB Charitable Giving Index is a bi-annual study that provides knowledge and insights on issues affecting the NFP sector.


Big or small, local or global, business is vital for long-term community development. We’re investing in the future of communities by championing entrepreneurship and small business, by supporting growth in industries such as health, education and agriculture, and by providing funding for essential infrastructure, to build connections within and between communities.

Investing in small businesses
When businesses grow, communities thrive. We support the growth of entrepreneurship and small business through a national network of small business bankers, innovative microenterprise projects, online tools and ongoing capital investment.

Investing in the industries at the heart of communities
Through our core business banking, we support the growth and prosperity of the education, healthcare and government sectors.

Investing in regional Australia
As the largest agri-bank in the country, we play a pivotal role in regional and rural development.


Our approach to community investment goes further than just giving away money. We focus on the deep–rooted social issues that contribute to the long-term prosperity of our communities, our economy and our business.

Education – We recognise that the education of Australia’s young people is a responsibility that rests with all members of the community, including businesses like NAB. We’re helping to improve education for all young people through supporting school and community partnerships, financial capability and employment programs and projects that prepare young people for work and society at large. Work Inspiration turns work experience on its head. It challenges businesses to establish programs that inspire young people to think differently about the world of work.

Inclusion and employment - By working with disadvantaged groups to realise their aspirations and tackle exclusion, we’re able to build stronger and more prosperous communities for everyone. We’re committed to addressing financial exclusion, supporting Indigenous Australians and creating real job opportunities in banking, regardless of background.

Health and wellbeing - The health of a community starts with the health of its people. Through our MLC Foundation and our sponsorships with the AFL and FFA, we’re working to improve the mental and physical health of Australians.

Disaster relief – When disaster strikes, the burden on individuals and their communities is huge. We help those who’ve suffered from natural disasters get back on their feet through hardship assistance, funding and voluntary support.

Future Focused Nation

The world changes quickly, so we think it’s important to collaborate and to plan for the emerging challenges and opportunities in our society, economy and environment.

By understanding the bigger picture and planning ahead, we can all make decisions that benefit us now, and in the future.

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When it comes to looking to the future, there’s no better place to start than our own business. We’re leading by example by making our operations and supply chain more efficient, more resilient and better prepared for the business needs of tomorrow.

Efficient operations – We were the first Australian-owned bank to become Carbon Neutral. Now we’re going a step further, by becoming more efficient in our waste and resource use.

Sustainable supply chain – When it comes to our suppliers, we know it’s important to make the right choices. Wherever we can, we work with partners to minimise the environmental impact of our supply chain and deliver benefits to society.

It’s why we’re the largest Fairtrade accredited workplace in the world  and the reason we support small, diverse businesses in our procurement.

Responsible lending - We’ve put in place robust procedures to make sure the people we do business with share our ethical, environmental and social standards.

Building the workplace of the future – The way people work is changing and so are we. By implementing new initiatives (like allowing people to work from home and offering greater work flexibility) we’re getting ready for the employees of tomorrow.

Transforming technology - The digital age presents huge opportunities and challenges for our business. Through a range of transformation projects, we’re ensuring that our people and our customers have access to the digital services they need and want.


We know that our success is only possible when our customers are successful too. That’s why we work with our customers over the long term, and make sure the advice we give them today equips them with the knowledge they need to flourish in tomorrow’s business landscape.

Knowing where we’re headed
The current and predicted future health of the economy has a big impact on the decisions and plans businesses make. Our economic reporting and forecasting, as well as our special reports on emerging issues and trends, help businesses plan with confidence.

Business research and insights
We produce publications, commentary, reports and insights on the latest issues facing businesses in Australia and across the globe.

Preparing for a low carbon future
We know it can be tough for businesses to reduce their environmental impact. So we’ve developed financial products and services to help our customers’ transition towards the low carbon economy.


You can’t plan for the future unless you understand it. At NAB, we’re having the big conversations about where Australia’s headed. Whether it's talking about the changes to our population, the role of the environment in our economy or our changing place in the world, we believe that by working together with our customers, industry and stakeholders we can find better solutions for the future.

Ageing population
We’re working hard to understand and prepare for the social and economic impact of Australia’s changing demographics. We’re also contributing to the conversation about the best ways to fund our nation’s future. At the heart of this is ensuring our customers are adequately prepared for retirement.

Australia in Asia
The Asian Century presents significant opportunities for our economy and we need to continue to ask the big questions about the role Australia plays. We are helping our business customers to deepen their relationships with Asia and supporting partnerships which help young Australians become Asia-ready.

Natural value
By understanding the economic value of our natural ecosystems and how they contribute to our communities and businesses, we’re better able to protect and enhance them in the future.

Women and money
How women live, work and spend money is changing. Women are working more, in greater numbers and on their own terms. And their increased income potential has dramatically enhanced their economic influence. Still, women are more likely to become financially insecure during their lifetime than men.

With these issues in mind, we’re looking at ways to empower Australian women to take charge of their finances, so they can live the life they want, in a world they believe in.

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