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We believe in supporting people and communities - when communities prosper, people prosper.
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We're committed to getting the fundamentals right for our customers.
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We’re committed to understanding and managing the impacts and dependencies of our business on the environment.
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Loans are available to help start up or support existing businesses of five or fewer employees. This includes...
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We know it’s our people who set us apart. So we think it’s important to do the right thing by them.
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Our sponsorships are key to our focus on building prosperous communities
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Supply chain

We have an opportunity – and an obligation – to be responsible in the way we manage our supply chain.

Help and guidance

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Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide fair and affordable microfinance to 1 million people on low incomes by 2018. Read More >
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Total value of workplace giving in 2014
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Invested in renewable energy over the past eight years
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employees in 2014
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510,000+ kids
have participated in the Better Buddies program since 2007

Our more give, less take approach

It's about you. Not us. It's about a partnership based on trust and respect. A relationship of 'give and take'. It's... Read More >

Career development

Providing career development opportunities and fostering a culture of achievement by supporting individual goals is important to us. We want to provide great career paths and ensure performance is matched by rewards and innovative learning opportunities. Read More >

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation

We believe that every child is entitled to a safe and happy childhood. That’s why we’re proud to support... Read More >

Volunteering and giving

An estimated 5.4 million people get involved in volunteer work in Australia each year, but many community groups feel... Read More >
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Customers in Australia, UK, NZ, Asia and US in 2012

Good Money

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women in senior management roles
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$5.2 billion
spent with suppliers across the Group in 2014

Building Indigenous financial capability

A big factor driving Indigenous disadvantage is a lack of access to mainstream finance. Through our Indigenous... Read More >

Protecting your money

As banking and technologies develop rapidly, we are 100% committed to providing innovative banking solutions while maintaining world class security standards. Read More >
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energy efficiency projects in Australia since 2006
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3 million
Australians either fully or severely financially excluded
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employee engagement score in 2014

Supplier sustainability in Australia

We implemented a Supplier Sustainability Program to manage sustainability risks within our supply chain Read More >
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stores and business banking centres in 2014

Energy efficiency

We've undertaken a range of energy efficiency carbon reduction initiatives. Read More >
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Microfinance loans to people on low incomes since 2005

Improving health, wellbeing and lifestyle

We're committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, and a range of benefits to ensure our people maintain a meaningful work/life balance. Read More >
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170,000+ kids
participate in NAB AFL Auskick each year
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We are the largest Fair Trade accredited workplace in the world

Growing cultural awareness

Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country Protocol - To help our staff show respect for traditional custodians,... Read More >

Our Code of Conduct - Our behavioural guidelines

Our Code of Conduct clearly states the standards of responsibility and ethical conduct expected of every employee as well as consultants and directors. Read More >

Reducing our paper use and waste

In an office-based business like ours, there's a huge amount of paper used. Read More >

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

Developed more than 30 years ago by Good Shepherd Microfinance, NILS is a circular credit program that gives low income... Read More >
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Australians are actively involved in soccer each year

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our public commitment to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage. Since the... Read More >

Responsible lending

Helping our customers understand and manage their money is an integral part of our approach to responsible lending. Read More >

Reducing water use

We've taken a number of steps to reduce water use in our offices, branches and data centres. Read More >

Creating opportunities for community involvement

Read More >

Sponsorship enquiries

NAB supports a variety of charitable initiatives, national sponsorships and community programs. All of these... Read More >

MLC Community Foundation

Read More >

Code of Banking Practice

The Australian Code of Banking Practice sets standards of good banking practice. Read More >
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people supported by microfinance products

Flexible working

We provide our people real choices to manage the balance between their work and personal lives. This is a critical enabler for all our people. Read More >
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Volunteer days within the community across the group in 2014
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employee environmental volunteer days in 2014

NAB Microenterprise Loans

Starting and running your own small business is one of life’s most exciting and rewarding experiences. But... Read More >

Inclusive workplace environment

We're committed to creating an inclusive workplace environment and a culture where men and women from an array of different backgrounds, generations and cultures feel genuinely included and valued. Read More >

Supplier diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program in Australia supports sustainable enterprises and communities. Read More >
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Work Inspiration placements provided to support young Australians this year

Guidelines for parties involved in Family Law property proceedings

Background Under clause 40 of the Code of Banking Practice the bank has agreed to publish guidelines setting out the... Read More >

Natural value

We endorsed the Natural Capital Declaration in 2011, a global statement recognising that natural capital poses significant risks and opportunities to the finance sector. Read More >

AddsUP Savings Plan

The AddsUP Savings Plan, developed in partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance, focuses on helping people living on... Read More >
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Employer of Choice for Women in 2014
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of our NAB car fleet are hybrid vehicles

Financial hardship

Find out how NAB Care can help you. Read More >

Working with our customers

We recognise that, in addition to reducing our own environmental footprint, we have the opportunity to help our... Read More >

Research and advocacy

Research and advocacy We invest in research to raise awareness of financial exclusion, to deepen our own understanding... Read More >

Good Money

Read More >

Business Research and Insights

Read More >

Having the big conversations

We believe that business has a role to play in advocating on environmental issues. Read More >

Building Indigenous financial capability

A big factor driving Indigenous disadvantage is a lack of access to mainstream finance. Through our Indigenous... Read More >

Outsourcing and supplier governance

Outsourcing allows us to focus on our core business and capitalise on the expertise of our supply chain partners. Read More >
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Contributed to our communities in 2014
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of our invoices are processed electronically

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

NAB's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Read More >

Work Inspiration

Thousands of Australian students take part in work experience every year, but for many it does little to prepare them... Read More >
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100% recycled
All our office paper in Australia

How we calculated our carbon inventory

We’ve been reporting energy and greenhouse gas emissions performance data since 2003 and since 2009 have... Read More >
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Work placements in African-Australian Inclusion Program

Our approach to offsetting

NAB Group’s Environmental Reporting and Offset Management Standard helps us make sure that we purchase offsets... Read More >
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Reconciliation Action Plan launched

Carbon risk disclosure

We recognise that environmental challenges such as climate change are major challenges affecting our economy and... Read More >

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation

We believe that every child is entitled to a safe and happy childhood. That’s why we’re proud to support... Read More >

NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund

The NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund is a new $1 million fund established to provide mission-driven... Read More >

$20 Boss

NAB is committed to helping young people become job makers, not just job seekers. Read More >